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Aoife Goggin – Editor-in-Chief

Brittany Walleyn – Sports Editor

Bridget Albright – Student Life Editors

Avery Powers – Academics Editor

Skyli Alvarez – Social Media Editor

Megan Eng & Madhura Gangal – Copy Editors

Julia Lammers – Coverage Editor

Megan Rhee – Photography Editor

Cordelia Seymour – Senior Editor

Taylor Martin – Design Editor

Aubrey Frericks & Campbell Morin- Clubs/Organizations Editors


Becca Albright

Liz DeShazor

Lihee Freeman

Daley O’Brien

Reed Racine

Leah Rothman

Lindsay Rothman

Sweya Surpaneni

Sydney Umusu
Daley O’Brien



​Editor-in-Chief: Aoife Goggin
“I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to work with such an incredibly talented staff this school year to create the most captivating and inspiring yearbook Alpharetta High School has ever seen. As Editor-in-Chief, alongside a staff of ambitious photographers and journalists, I will strive to create a book that captures the lives, stories, and memories of Alpharetta High School students.”

Adviser: Mrs. Rita Flowers
The Edge yearbook is produced annually by a student staff.  The yearbook serves as the official historical document of Alpharetta High School, providing a documentation in both writing and pictures of each academic year.  As the adviser, I provide administrative coordination and support of this student publication.  I am excited to work with the 2018-2019 group of editors and staffers.”